A new public space 'Fabrika' will open in St. Petersburg in March


«Factory» continues the history of the industrial quarter in a new reality. The ideologist of the project, Danil Baryshev (partner of the Areopag management company), set himself the goal of breathing life into the business district of St. Petersburg.

Multifunctional area of ​​5 thousand square meters. m. includes: a food hall for 12 corners (which will be referred to as ‘workshops’), designed for 209 seats and 12 summer seating at the windows, two full-fledged restaurants, terraces, art zones for photos, co-working, a courtyard with a stage, a cinema and a dance floor for events in the summer and much more.

The mission and values ​​of the space are linked to its history, which dates back to 1879. Swiss entrepreneur Samuil Behli opened a workshop, which later began to produce albums and business folders from high-quality leather.

By the second half of the 20th century, the enterprise was considered the largest leather goods production of the RSFSR.

Cluster «Fabrika» seeks to continue the history of the leather quarter of St. Petersburg and support handicrafts, people of industrial professions and business in this area on the territory.

The work of the space will be organized in three shifts (morning from 08:00 to 14:00, afternoon from 14:00 to 20:00, night from 20:00 to 02:00), which bring changes in the atmosphere, the menu of residents and program of events. The start of a new shift begins with the sound of a factory horn and a distinctive voice alert.

“The immediate plans include holding master classes, concerts with invited artists and DJs, collaborations with artists, brands and creators,” says the project ideologist Daniil Baryshev. – It is also planned to open private author’s shops with handicraft goods, create gastro routes and historical quests. A leather goods boutique will open on the territory as a tribute to the historical past.”

Specialists from the KIDZ bureau worked on the design and architecture of the space. They took into account the history of the area and with the help of many details reflected this in a modern and stylish design. For example, an accent wall made of eco-leather scraps, an airy translucent partition made of dozens of the thinnest tubes, metal mesh curtains – all this refers to the atmosphere of the industrial past.

“Fabrika is a region-forming cluster where active and creative people can spend time relaxing or working in a new atmosphere,” notes Daniil Baryshev.

The opening is expected in early March at st. Kirochnaya, 67.